Chorzów, Poland, 2023-06-01
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Droniada for the tenth time

The 10th edition of Droniada this year was held on June 1-4, at the Silesian Park in Chorzów and the Katowice-Muchowiec airport. Droniada is an event organized for universities, research and development centers, local governments and companies involved in UAV technologies. This year, a representation of NeuroSpace also participated in Droniada.

Żary, Poland, 2021-07-22
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Safety at Swiss Krono

An innovative system for hazard signaling has been launched at the Swiss Krono factory in Zary - one of the world's largest manufacturers of boards and lumber products. Thanks to the use of an ultra-precise GPS RTK vehicle positioning system and IoT architecture, a new hazard notification mechanism has been launched for employees who work in the area where heavy loaders move.